Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ATM in the building and where is it located?

There are 2 ATMs located in the lobby and one located in the trade centre. 

Where are your washrooms located and do you offer gender-neutral washroom facilities?

We have three sets of washrooms in the arena, located in the corridors. There is also one set of washrooms in the lobby. The trade centre has 2 sets of washrooms.

Our gender-neutral washrooms (2) are located in the lounge and the Islanders washroom (1).

There are infant change areas in all of our washrooms.

How do I access the dressing rooms? / How do I know which dressing room to go to?

Typically you access the dressing rooms through the Blue Zone entrance. If it is under construction, you can access the dressing rooms through the Green Zone entrance.

There are 6 dressing rooms and there will be signage posted inside the Blue Zone door directing you to your dressing room. 

Where can I purchase merchandise?

The team store for the Islanders is located off the main lobby and is open Monday – Friday (10am – 4pm) and during games.

For special events, merchandise is typically sold in the main lobby. 

Can I bring my own food with me into the venue?

Bringing your own food and drink into the arena is not permitted. Our on-site concession stand and Tim Hortons provide a wide array of food and beverage options for everyone in the family! 

I lost (or found) something at the Eastlink Centre. Do you have a Lost & Found and how can I get assistance?

Yes, we have Lost & Founds for both the arena and trade centre. Please call the box office at 902-629-6625 and they will direct your call.