Dear Fans ! We are excited to welcome you to Eastlink Centre as we continue to adapt and follow the current CPHO Guidelines.

As of May 6, 2022, people in Prince Edward Island are no longer required to wear masks in indoor public places or in workplaces where distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are still strongly recommended in indoor public places after this date.

General COVID-19 public health guidance for individuals, businesses and organizations where requirements are no longer in place can be found here.

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Arena Seating Map

Please select one of the numbers below to see a photograph of the view from that section.


  • NHL-sized ice surface 85 x 200
  • 31ft 6'' low steel & 45’ high steel
  • 17,000 square ft. floor
  • Portable Arena Deck ice cover
  • 3717 arena seating & 1000+ portable seating on floor
  • 10 Luxury Suites
  • 800 on-site parking spaces
  • Centre Ice Lounge
  • 7 dressing rooms, 4 canteens, 3 press boxes
  • 2 box offices, online ticketing
  • Portable 40 x 60 stage and four (4) 6 x 8 risers
Load In
There are two (2) 12 x 14 level drive-in doors that access the arena floor. There is adequate parking for three buses outside the load-in door. If available, the Trade Centre can used as a secure indoor parking area or storage (see contract for extra cost). Forklift/Scissor lift and operator are available.
Lighting System Consists of
32 1000 watt metal halide arena lights (providing 90-100 foot candles at ice level), lite Shades

Internet Accessible

Sound System Consists of
  • 2 Martin MAC300 Intelligent Lighting Fixture (Light Jockey Controlled)
  • 16 TOA HX5 Articulated Array Loudspeakers (Distributed for Seating Sections)
  • 8 TOA FB-120 Subwoofers (Distributed for Seating Sections)
  • 4 CREST LQ Series 12” 2 Way Loudspeakers (Center Cluster Configuration - For Ice Coverage)
  • CREST CPX Power Amplifiers  (Mid/High Amplifiers)
  • TOA DA Series Power Amplifiers (Subwoofer Amplifiers)
  • QSC RMX & MX Series Power Amplifiers (Mid/High Amplifiers)
  • ELECTROVOICE DC-ONE Loudspeaker System Controller (DSP Based)
  • MACKIE CR 1604VLZ PRO 16 Channel Mic/ Line Mixer
  • 8 SHURE SM57 Microphones (Mounted to Glass Boards for Pickup of Ice Sounds)
  • 2 AUDIO TECHNICA Automatic Mixers (For Use With SM57 Board Microphones)
  • Microphone & Line Level Inputs (Located in Penalty Box & Players Bench and Sound Control Booth)
  • Independent Sound Systems for Trade Centre, Lobby Areas and VIP Lounge


Two (2) 400 amp, 3 phase voltage
Two (2) 200 amp, 3 phase voltage
One (1) 100 amp, 3 phase voltage